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Families will appreciate this one-step nature experience, featuring the convenience of a picnic area, along with the magic of birds, beaches and boreal forests within sight of nearby islands.

Nestled in the forest adjoining Lake Huron, the Detour Roadside Park provides a convenient rest stop for humans and birds traveling along the lakeshore. The manicured grounds offer picnic tables, vault toilets and drinking water as well as a dense canopy of hardwoods and conifers for migrating and nesting songbirds. While there is little understory vegetation in the park to attract ground-dwelling species, the open, park-like setting is ideal for spotting woodpeckers, nuthatches and brown creepers that search for insects on the tree trunks. The forested shoreline along this stretch of Lake Huron is critical habitat for the northern parula warbler that builds its nest from the lichens that hang from the tree limbs near the water’s edge. These trees are also used by midges that hatch from the shallow lake edge and land on the leaves and branches to rest. This rich food source attracts and supports many species of forest birds that migrate along the lake edge to nesting grounds in the northern boreal forests of Canada. Small islands off the lakeshore are used by nesting ring-billed gulls.

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