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Rocks, not bush, dominate this area of rich, geologic history bordered by dense forests and a view of far-off cargo ships. The mountains of crushed rock along the shore display ancient fossils for those who care to look.

The rocky shoreline of Bush Bay and the massive mountains of crushed rock and cargo ships at the docks across the bay hint at the unique geologic history along this part of Lake Huron. Hidden beneath the glacial gravels and dense forests lies the Niagara Escarpment, an ancient ring of limestone bedrock formed 450 million years ago from the shells of animals living in a shallow sea that covered what is today Michigan. The upper layers of the escarpment are rich in magnesium and this type of limestone is called dolomite or dolostone, a key component in the production of high-quality steel and many other commercial products. The dolomite quarry and crushers are located a short distance inland from here where the escarpment is closest to the surface. Check out the gray, fine-textured boulders along the lake edge for evidence of fossil shellfish, coral and plant-shaped crinoids. Scan the sheltered bay and bordering trees for birds during times of high winds and stormy weather.

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