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The change in scenery is abrubt as you round a corner on US-2 and come face to face with an almost lunar-like setting. Flanked by shimmering water and pristine beaches in the summer, the mysterious dunes have lured many a traveler to shed his plans as well as his shoes. One particularly attractive dune are is found on the St. Ignace Ranger, approximately 5 miles west of the Ranger Station on Highway US-2. On a hot sunny day, hundreds of people use these beautiful sandy beaches and dunes for sun bathing, beach sports, and swimming on Lake Michigan. In addition to the remarkable opportunity the dunes and beach provide to recreationists, they also provide habits for a variety of wildlife and plants which have adapted to this unique environment. There are many dune species, some of which are considered rare and endangered. Picturesque dunes against a sky of blue or a full moon, with perfectly contoured shadows of ripples and undulating crests, have always been a favorite subject of photographers. Location: From the intersection of US-2 and I-75 in St. Ignace, drive west about 12 miles. The beach is about 5 miles long. Parking is available on both sides of US-2.

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