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Created by nature but managed for the nature lover, the 95,000-acre Refuge welcomes hikers and bikers, canoers and kayakers, skiers and snowshoers, photographers and artists. You might not meet many people, but you'll make the acquaintance of graceful trumpeter swams, majestic bald eagles, shy beavers and other inhabitants.

Operated by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife, Seney Wildlife Refuge, is a nature-lovers paradise.  With over 7,000 acres of open water and 21 pools for nesting ducks and geese, the area is alive with beauty and activity.  Along the seven mile loop, whether driving, hiking or biking, you will have the opportunity to see more than 200 species of birds including:  Bald Eagles, Trumpeter Swans, Sandhill Cranes and Pilleated Woodpeckers.  Visitors may also glimpse a variety of

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