Do you have a few rare birds left on your list? You might just find them here. Ever paddle one of the nation's wild and scenic rivers? You can put in here. Have you hiked the North Country Trail yet? Start your journey here. You've always wanted to get behind the reins of a sled dog team. What are you waiting for; you can mush through our forests all winter long!  

Hiking, biking, birding, paddling, and dog sledding are just a few of the endless activities you can find in The Great Waters.

Hoping to connect to the history of the people as well as the place?  Climb to the top of Point Iroquois Lighthouse and see the world from a different view. Take a shipwreck tour and witness firsthand the vessels that lost their battle to the storms of Superior. Step back in time at the Museum of Ojibewa Culture and learn to understand the Anishinaabe's connection to Mother Earth.

Looking for endless adventure? Find it in The Great Waters.

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