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Story Ideas

Great Waters, Great Wonders: You won't see many art galleries as impressive as the one nature's crafted as the three largest Great Lakes meet on a narrow peninsula along the Niagara Escarpment.

Great Waters, Great Man-Made Marvels: Human engineering and ingenuity sit among vast tract of wilderness and natural wonders; Mackinac Bridge, the Soo Locks, and Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge are just a few.

Great Waters, Great Adventures: When you're bordered by three of the world's largest freshwater lakes, it's hard not to notice.

Great Waters, Great Characters: This part of Michigan has a unique personality defined partly by its location, and partly by those who call it home.

Great Waters, Great Flavor: Pasties, Maple Syrup, and Berries are a few foods that highlight the Upper Peninsula culture.

Great Waters, Great Birding: The repetitive, nightly hoots of owls at Whitefish Point remind visitors where they've traveled. More than 330 species of birds are seen regular.

Great Waters, On the Water: These inland seas were carved by glaciers more than 12,000 years ago.

Great Waters, Living History: Time travel isn't merely a fantasy in The Great Waters.

Great Waters, Storied Past: Rely on the same natural resources as the first settlers and Ojibwe or Chippewa Band first did.