Welcome to The Inland Seashore

They are more than Great Lakes. They are vast, inland seas, where clear, blue water pulsates as far as the eye can see. Three of the five Great Lakes are found off the Inland Seashore of Michigan's Eastern Upper Peninsula. It's a place where rock hounds, history buffs, and boat lovers converge. Where lighthouses dot limestone coasts, scuba divers investigate shipwrecks, and a barefoot day at the beach is never more than 30 minutes away. These open waters and sheltered bays are linked by international waterways, clean rivers, and fast moving streams, all delivering on the same promise: there is no life without water.

The Inland Seashore introduces us to thrill of island living, the pace of small-town life, and an idyllic world where the only traffic jam involves two freighters awaiting entrance to the same canal. Whether you're a boater in search of mooring, a family in search of adventure, or a couple looking for the perfect sunset, look no further than the Inland Seashore and chart a course to Michigan's Eastern Upper Peninsula.