The Heart Of the Great Waters

We love our corner of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and work hard to care for its forests, dunes, waters, wildlife, and easy-paced living. Not only do we want to be able to share this rare place on Earth with you, but we'd like to be able to share the same quality experience with your grand children and their grandchildren too!

Perhaps you have a special place that you like to visit: a favorite trail, waterfall, or forest. You can get involved with Great Waters and help protect your favorite place, and others, in the Upper Peninsula. Visitors and local residents act as eyes and ears as they hike, bike, ski or drive through the m any watersheds in the U.P. Here are some ways you and your family can help maintain our watersheds to ensure a healthy, beautiful region for many visits to come:

  • Send us a digital photo of a unique natural feature, erosion site or other things you encounter (good or bad) as you explore (we call it taking ‘field inventory’) the Upper Peninsula. If you have a Global Positioning System (GPS), please share the location coordinates with us.
  • Participate in one of the many volunteer service projects and help protect and restore water quality, wildlife habitat, and public access sites throughout the Upper Peninsula.
  • Join an active Earth Keeper citizen watershed advisory council as a “watershed liaison.” Or, become a member of the Superior Watershed Partnership and receive regular updates on U.P watersheds and volunteer opportunities. See Website for Details.
  • Learn online about basic stream monitoring. It’s so easy that even the kids can do it! Monitor a section of stream that you care about and share the information with us by filling out the form online. You can also print it off and mail it to us.

Click the following Superior Watershed Partnership link and look for the Great Waters Watershed Activities